Our vision

To contribute to a world in which people work, live and shop in developments that are integrated with and friendly towards the environment.

Our mission

To build a portfolio of real estate assets in the CEE region in which our clients, companies and individuals, can live, work and shop.

Our goal

Is to deliver high quality fully permitted projects for our partners and us.

Our values


We are proactive

- we make a prognosis and move to actions before the necessity arises.

We’re determined

- we analyse each situation correctly and firmly, and once a decision has been made we don’t hesitate to act.

We’re enthusiastic

- always motivated by our goals and with a smile on.


We are family-centric

- we work to ensure the happiness of our families.

We encourage

-the development of the individual. We champion the personal and professional growth of our employees.

We pride ourselves with our integrity

- we only make deals that favour all parties involved.